About Vicki Hobbs

My name is Vicki Hobbs and I started my own business as a health care professional in 2004 and have been working with pregnant women since 2006.

My interest in the mind / body connection is what prompted me to become a highly qualified pregnancy and postpartum remedial massage specialist, hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing practitioner and birth coach (doula) and postpartum doula so that I could help women create their best possible pregnancy, birth and beyond experience on all levels.

My extensive training provides me with the knowledge, skills and experience to treat women during all stages of their pregnancy, including high risk mums, and prepare them for a positive, calm birth.

I have trained as a Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in pregnancy massage, induction massage (acupressure) and postpartum massage.  I am one of the most highly trained pregnancy massage specialists in WA having completed the NurtureLife® Pregnancy Massage Practitioner course in 2013 with Catherine McInerney of Pregnancy Massage Australia as well as the Diploma in Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Care in 2008 after training with Suzanne Yates, who is a well-known author, midwife and the Director of the Well Mother Centre in the UK.

I have expert knowledge and training of the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body, stretching during pregnancy, labour position techniques and massage instruction for your partner.

Pregnancy massage is an essential part of your pregnancy wellness program.

aboutI am a Certified Birth & Postpartum Coach (Doula) and Childbirth Educator and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge as a certified hypnobirthing practitioner teaching the Hypnobirthing Australia program.

I love my work as a certified Hypnotherapist having trained with TAD James in 2006 and I offer one-on-one pregnancy and birth hypnosis sessions for fear releasing and relaxation.  I also share beautiful Reiki and Energy healing sessions for mum (and baby) before, during and after pregnancy.

My Qualifications

  • VBAC Facts Academy – VBAC Educator Training 2017
  • VBAC School for Educators 2017
  • Group B Strep Workshop with Sara Wickham 2017
  • Spinning Babies Practitioner Training with Ginny Phang 2017
  • Labour Progress Workshop with Sara Wickham 2017
  • Senior First Aid Refresher 2016
  • Certificate Postpartum Doula – Newborn Mothers 2015
  • Diploma Remedial Massage – Institute of Massage 2004
  • Diploma Pregnancy, Labour & Post-Natal Massage 2008
  • Diploma Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Care – Well Mother 2008
  • Diploma Pregnancy Massage – Pregnancy Massage Australia 2013
  • Certificate IV Massage – Institute of Massage 2003
  • Certificate Clinical Hypnotherapy – TAD James 2006
  • Certificate Doula / Birthing Educator – Labour of Love 2010
  • Certificate Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner – 2014
  • Certificate HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method Practitioner – 2009 and refresher 2012
  • Certificate Soundbirth Practitioner – 2012
  • Certificate Hot Stone Therapy – 2009
  • Certificate ENAR Pain Therapy Practitioner – 2008
  • Certificate Ion Spa Detox Practitioner- 2009
  • Diploma Natural Therapies (Aromatherapy) – 1995
  • Diploma Innerscape Meditation & Relaxation Therapy Facilitator – 2002
  • Certificate Thought Field Therapy – 2003 & 2006
  • Certificate Reiki I & II – 2004
  • Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader & Life Coach – 2006
  • Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management) – 2004

My Achievements

  • 2017 Outstanding Performance Community Support – National Hypnobirthing Australia Conference

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  • 2016 Outstanding Performance Community Support – National Hypnobirthing Australia Conference


  • 2015 Outstanding Performance Community Support – National Hypnobirthing Australia Conference


  • Finalist – City of Wanneroo 2012 Most Innovative Business Award
  • Finalist – City of Wanneroo 2012 Best Marketing Business Award
  • Finalist – City of Wanneroo 2012 Best Customer Service Business Award
  • Runner Up – City of Wanneroo 2008 Best New Business Award
  • Finalist – City of Wanneroo 2008 Best Marketing Business Award
  • Finalist – City of Wanneroo 2008 Small Business Development Business Award

My Mission

My mission is to help your body prepare physically for your growing baby and reduce the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, while providing you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to have a calm and positive birth and to release and let go of fear.

I truly believe that the mind, body, emotions and spirit all need to be in balance during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

My role is to help you get to and maintain that centre of being.

If I am chosen as your doula I will guide and support you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually during the most incredible journey that you will experience.

I am very easy to get along with and non-judgemental – I will always listen to you and respect your birthing journey.

It is not about me – it is about you feeling safe, calm, listened to and supported.

I look forward to working with you.