Class Outline

Below we have listed everything you can expect to learn about during our Hypnobirthing classes.

  1. How fear affects women in labour;
  2. Breathing techniques for labour & birth;
  3. Self-hypnosis techniques for labour & birth;
  4. Relaxation and visualization techniques for labour & birth;
  5. How to prepare your birth preferences;
  6. How your birth partner can support you during labour & birth;
  7. A simple explanation of what happens during labour & birth;
  8. How you can breathe to minimise tearing during delivery;
  9. How to use hypnosis and relaxation to create positive birth outcomes;
  10. Strategies to avoid an induction of labour;
  11. Identifying and eliminating your fears and negative belief systems;
  12. After completing a Hypnobirthing course you will be fully prepared, educated and confident in how you can achieve a positive, calm birth;
  13. We will educate and empower couples on how they can reduce pain in labour and reduce the need for drugs or medical intervention while still achieving a positive calm birth;
  14. Hypnobirthing private classes are tailored for your own circumstances and experience or if you are unable to attend the four weeks;

For a more comprehensive course outline check out the main website at Hypnobirthing Australia