Hypnobirthing Options To Prepare You During the Corona Virus

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, childbirth antenatal classes and other group gatherings have been affected throughout Australia and many parts of the world.

A lot of parents are now asking “What about our antenatal classes? Are they all cancelled? How can we prepare for birth?” so I wanted to alleviate any concerns that you may have and clearly list all of the great alternatives that we have on offer for you.

Never has there been a time in our lifetime where childbirth education which actually provides the tools, knowledge and support that you need (including tools to reduce stress levels) – is SO important! We all know the pivotal role that preparation plays in ANY important event in our lives and birthing our baby is one of THE most important events.

Hypnobirthing Australia™ is Australia’s leading childbirth education provider and we want you to know that whatever your situation, we have you covered… for ALL scenarios. We don’t want you to miss out on attending your childbirth education classes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It is absolutely imperative that all parents still have access to high quality, evidence-based childbirth education and fortunately – we have some fantastic online and private antenatal class options available for you!



We may need to practice ‘social distancing’ at the moment – but that doesn’t mean you can’t join a live webinar and have me as your Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner providing you with information, resources, support and encouragement. I will be your online hypnobirthing guru for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I am now offering my scheduled classes via Zoom webinar. You also have the opportunity to have some one-on-one private tuition with me if you need it, to ensure that you are feeling super confident and calm leading up to your birth. Your investment in the live online program with Vicki Hobbs is $550 including GST.

Check the 2020 timetable for dates for the live online classes – CLICK HERE



The Hypnobubs™ Hypnobirthing Online Course has been tried and tested by thousands of parents over the last four years so we haven’t just slapped an online course together because of the situation we find ourselves in. This online option contains high quality resources (eBook, downloads, mp3 tracks for pregnancy and birth) AND importantly, has over 6 hours of professional video tuition by Australia’s leading expert in hypnobirthing, Melissa Spilsted. You are basically attending hypnobirthing classes from the comfort of your home and have access to everything 24/7! Your investment in the hypnobubs® online course is $199 and you can get started any time you choose. We also have a Change of Circumstances and a Positive Caesarean Birth option as well.

To go to the online course directly CLICK HERE



To really give you the best preparation and individual attention you need based on your circumstances and how you are coping at the moment, you can combine the hypnobubs® online course plus additional support with private sessions with me. Here are your options:

1. Online Course with a 90 Minute Private Session

You get all of the goodies included in our full hypnobubs® online course in conjunction with the advantage of a PRIVATE 90-minute one on one session with Vicki Hobbs. This private session will be run via Zoom, Facetime or phone.
Your investment in this program is $349.

2. Online Course with a 3 Hour Private Session

Three full hours of private, expert tuition and support with Vicki Hobbs (via Zoom, Facetime or phone) in conjunction with the full online course. This option gives you the ultimate confidence in your preparation for a positive and confident birth.
Your investment in this option is $499.

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No one needs to miss out. If anything, many of us will have more time on our hands to access online resources! So please consider these options and know that we are here to help support you and prepare you for a calm and POSITIVE birth, while also helping you to have tools and techniques that will last you a lifetime, not just for your pregnancy, labour and birth!

If you would like more information or to register, please complete the form below or email me at [email protected] for more details.

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