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Hypnobirthing & Childbirth Education Perth & Online Courses

Taking the fear out of birth through education, planning and preparation

Birth is an incredible event, no matter how it happens

Services I Provide

I provide a range of pregnancy and birth services, doula training, online courses and more.

Here's How I Can Help You

I provide comprehensive childbirth education to eliminate fear so that you feel confident with your birth choices.

I educate you on the tools and techniques you can use to be calm and reduce pain during labour, so you can confidently navigate your labour and birth.

I listen to what you have to say, what your fears are, what your goals are for your birth, and what you feel you need to achieve that, so I can help you formulate your birth plan to achieve those goals.

I train your partners to be the very best support person they can be, allowing you to relax and focus on you, your body and your baby during labour and birth.

Your pregnancy and birth experience is unique to you and this baby.

Focus on your birth, not what the text book says.

  • Be educated so you can make informed choices.
  • Understand and prepare for any birth, so you are confident and calm if things don’t go to plan.
  • Have a toolbox of techniques that you and your partner can use to ensure your mind, body and emotions are balanced and working in synergistic harmony, just as your body has been designed to do.
  • Celebrate your pregnancy and nurture your body with a highly qualified therapist, childbirth educator and doula.

My Story

When I first became pregnant at 27 I was that “go with the flow” and “let’s just see what happens” birth novice. Millions of women give birth every day and keep going back for more right? How hard can it be? I’ll just lay on my back, spread my legs and push a baby out like they do in the movies. No problem.

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If I had known back then even a fraction of what I know today, maybe I wouldn’t have been so traumatised when my birth deviated from what I had planned, which had such a huge effect on my postpartum experience. I want you to feel prepared, calm, and ready for your birth – no matter how you birth. I want you to feel confident in asking all the right questions to get the answers you need to make an informed choice for you and your circumstances.

This and other life experiences have guided me to this work. I am one in a long line of wise and experienced women who bring calm and clarity to the birth space, so you can feel safe, supported and listened to.

Vicki Hobbs

What My Customers Are Saying

  • Back to Birth course is highly recommended course for all pregnant women about birth. It gives you all the knowledge that you need to know other... read more

    Sri Eka Indrawati
  • Vicki was knowledgeable and friendly and her class has really helped my partner and I prepare for our next birth after caesarean. We feel... read more

    Larissa Clark
  • Vicky was so extremely kind and knowledgable. She provided excellently organised and presented classes as an introduction to birthing as well as... read more

    Mariana R
  • As first time parents, my husband and I cannot recommend Vicki's hypnobirthing classes enough. We often find ourselves reflecting on the birthing... read more

    Amy Swann
  • We completed the Hyponobirthing course with Vicki in preparation for our upcoming birth. The sessions were so informative and helpful that we both... read more

    Selena Piggott
  • Our hypnobirthing classes leading up to the birth of our son with Vicki were amazing! We felt so informed and confident going into the birth and I... read more

    Phoebe Stephenson
  • We did the back to basics workshop with Vicki for our first pregnancy and are very grateful that we decided to do so. We learned so many things... read more

    Alexandra Nolden
  • Highly recommend these Hypnobirthing Classes with Vicki. As a junior doctor, I had a lot of anxiety about giving birth due to some of the scary... read more

    Danielle Everett
  • My husband and I completed hypnobirthing classes with Vicki in 2017. We thoroughly enjoyed the classes and they helped us to connect in a... read more

    Wesu Ndilila-Barnes
  • Rory and I had no understanding of labour and birth prior to falling pregnant, and were recommended Vicki Hobbs via our midwife. We chose to... read more

    Bree Wilkins
  • Vicki's Hypnobirthing gave us so much more than what you could expect from any prenatal class. I was able to not only enjoy my pregnancy but the... read more

    Louisa Lambert
  • Vicki’s hypnobirthing classes were so great for my husband and I. We were provided with lots of tool and resources and learned many new... read more

    Dimi T
  • Vicki was great, we went to her for our first pregnancy as I was very anxious about the birthing experience. Vicki made my husband & I feel a lot... read more

    Casey Fisher
  • We attended Vicki’s hypnobirthing weekend, and it was brilliant! Vicki was so knowledgeable in taking birth back to what it use to be and she... read more

    Sophie Field
  • Highly recommend this course. Vicki is wealth of knowledge. I feel a lot more ready for my first birth after this. Hubby’s/birth partners will... read more

    Bailey Raine
  • My partner and I enrolled into Vicki's hypnobirthing classes to prepare for the birth of our first child. Vicki was so kind, friendly and... read more

    Tahlia Marshall
  • My partner and I undertook the Hypnobirthing course at 30 weeks pregnant. We found the whole course so informative and both felt very positive... read more

    Ciara O'Gorman
  • My husband and I absolutely loved Vicki’s hypnobirthing class! Very informative, interactive and fun. You get plenty of support materials to... read more

    Kristy Eaton
  • Vicki has a wealth of knowlegde and a worth while investement if you and your partner are planning a natural birth. From a males perspective, it... read more

  • We received a voucher for Vicki’s hynobirthing course from friends.
    We absolutely loved the course and found it very informative. We loved... read more

    Yohan Ratnayaka
  • I highly recommend Vicki and her Hypnobirthing course.
    Vicki is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about what she does and has a heart of... read more

    Deb Fairbairn
  • We learnt a lot with Vicki Hobbs Hypnobirthing course. I was not expecting to learn so much around the physiological aspect of birth, and it was a... read more

    Céline Roncé
  • This is just an altogether great class with a wonderful educator in a beautiful venue. We were second time parents attending the private VBAC... read more

    Jessica Kerr
  • As any first time mum, I was scared of childbirth. Vicki’s Hypnobirthing Classes were instrumental in changing my attitude and beliefs as well... read more

    Kiara Matkovich
  • Myself and my husband were recommended by a friend to attend hypnobirthing with Vicki Hobbs. I had fears around childbirth and my husband wanted... read more

    Nicola Nolan
  • We attended Vickis Hypnobirthing course and were blown away with the course! We were a little skeptical and not sure what to except, but are so... read more

    Jacqui Chmura
  • Vicky Hobbs is absolutely lovely and knowledgeable. This class really helped me and my partner to get ready for childbirth and breastfeeding. I... read more

    Ina Pasilyte
  • Vicki was great in assisting my partner and I in feeling calm and relaxed in the lead up to our first birth with providing a wealth of... read more

    Steph Head
  • I loved Vicki's evening hypnobirthing classes. I went from being super scared and not knowing what to expect or what to ask for, to being excited... read more

    Ines Šoić
  • I was having a lot of anxiety about childbirth, being a first time Mum. This course has literally turned things around for me! It isn’t about... read more

    Kate Murphy
  • This course was worth every cent for us, Vicki was a super trainer and we finished the class feeling empowered and informed. The information we... read more

    Alexis Quinn
  • My Wife and I just completed the Hypnobirthing classes. We were both feeling anxious about the whole Labour (Birthing) process and not knowing... read more

    Troy Murphy
  • Vicki is so knowledgeable about all things birth and does all she can in her classes to help you to feel confident and empowered in giving birth.... read more

    Breanne Rasmussen
  • Vickis classes are very educational and informative. She is very loving person and tries to help you as much as she can. I loved her classes and I... read more

    Alexandra Merdian
  • An absolute must for all parents preparing for birth, even if it's not your first birth. So much valid information and support. Vicki is the... read more

    Suzannah Hunter
  • Vicki is amazing! We have learnt so much to help us remain relaxed through pregnancy, birth and after. Thank you so much Vicki. We highly... read more

    Áine Callan
  • Vicki was amazing and supportive throughout my pregnancy journey. I would 100% recommend her class. If it was not for the tools and knowledge I... read more

    Shai T
  • We are first time parents and attended Vicky’s hypnobirthing course in Nov 2018. It was truly eye opening to understand the beautiful mechanics... read more

    Rahul Oswal
  • Very thorough and informative classes. Vicki is on standby for any questions you may like answered and gives research based Information. I loved... read more

    Poornima Jayawardana
  • We loved these classes and both got a lot from the information, the perspectives and the birth strategies. We are more confident, have let go of... read more

    KoertJanLisa Schonewille
  • Vicki is fantastic and I recommend to all our pregnant friends to see her for hypnobirthing classes. So beneficial and informative.

    Nick Martin
  • Thanks so much for your help and services. We got so much out of your course and are both very grateful for your extremely informative and open... read more

    Rory Hoey
  • Vicki was very helpful to my wife and I as first time parents.

    Jason Muirhead
  • An amazing fun and informative part of our pregnancy/birth journey. Thank you so much Vicki 💪

    Sarah Allison
  • Great course to prepare you for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

    Sarah H
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