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Birth Doula in Perth

I believe that we now have an over medicalisation of birth, and women have been conditioned to believe that their body is not capable of birthing a baby without medical inductions and interventions. Research suggests unnecessary interference can lead to more interventions and caesareans – we know this by the high caesarean statistics we have in Australia.

My role is to provide education, birth planning / mapping, comfort measures, fear release, pain relief and whatever is required to provide the wants and needs of the couple, so that we can reduce the risk of interventions and caesarean as best as we can.

I help protect women’s choices relating to how she births – it’s her body, her baby, her choice, but with choice comes responsibility and consequences, so it is even more important for the woman and her partner to be educated, so they feel empowered to ask questions to get all the information they need to make an “informed” choice.

The way a woman feels about her birth and the way she is treated during her labour and birth can and will have an enormous effect on her postpartum experiences, so my primary role is to ensure that the mother is feeling safe, calm, supported and respected, while providing ongoing mental, physical, emotional care and a female understanding and connection with birth.

This in no way is meant to replace the role of the father or birth partner – it is to provide assistance to both of them.

For me it is such an honour to be included at the birth of a woman who puts her trust in me and opens her heart and soul to someone who does not have a family connection but is an integral part of the birth team.

I feel that with my extensive qualifications and experience I can provide a really comprehensive service so that a couple can have every opportunity of having a calm, positive birth and together we can reduce the chances of interventions.

On the other hand, I have a strong belief that as long as a woman is educated and knows all the risks (and not just the benefits) of medical interventions then I will fully support her choices for induction, drugs or caesarean without judgement if that is what she chooses.

This is why we create a “birth map” so that we can prepare for any birth, not just a natural one, because there are no guarantees when it comes to birth.

I am experienced in all types of births – hospital (private and public systems), home birth, caesarean, high risk and even stillbirth.


I have also supported couples through their VBAC’s (vaginal birth after caesarean) and recognise that these couples need extra support and resources, so they feel confident and educated with evidenced based information.

With the childbirth education classes that I offer; women will be fully informed and confident to make all the right decisions based on her wants and needs.

My role as your Doula / Birthing Assistant will be to provide:

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    About Vicki Hobbs

    My name is Vicki Hobbs and I am a Childbirth Educator (Back to Basics Birthing), Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Certified VBAC Educator, Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Certified Placenta Encapsulator, Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach.

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