Hypnobirthing – using hypnosis for birthing

Having had my own holistic wellness clinic since 2004, I have been using meditation, hypnosis, tapping and relaxation techniques in my business from the very beginning.

My first childbirth education classes were called “Essential Birthing Journey” and after working with couples and listening to their fears this created such a desire in me to learn more so I could give more.

I became an “official” hypnobirthing practitioner in 2010 and I love that more couples are using this incredible technique to prepare their mind, their body, and their emotions for birth.

There are so many hypnobirthing programs available, and I think the important thing is to find the practitioner that you connect and resonate with the most – that is where you gain the most value out of your classes.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Hypnobirthing, and to be clear, the hypnosis side of things is just a small part of the full program.

Hypnobirthing is a comprehensive childbirth education program, while also learning relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis, and hands-on comfort measures to help you, your partner and your baby have a better birth experience, no matter how you birth.

Hypnobirthing is about raising awareness that childbirth doesn’t have to be a fearful experience.

It is about going back to basics and understanding how the mind and body work together during birth.

We know that for most of our lives women have been inundated with negative birthing stories, and shows like “One Born Every Minute” which conditions all of us to believe that excruciating pain is associated with labour and birth and that creates fear.

This fear tenses the muscles to the point it inhibits your body from easily performing a normal physiological function. During my classes I explain how your hormones work, the physiology behind it and the biomechanics of the pelvis, the joints and ligaments and your baby all working in synergy for birth.

It is important that women feel confident about the process and believe that their body is designed to birth naturally, but also be prepared for unexpected deviations from that ideal birth, and the questions you can ask to make informed decisions.

Birth is a cause for joy and celebration, not fear.

Birth is possibly the most incredible experience of your life if you allow it to be – surrendering to the sensations that you experience and incorporating tools and techniques to help you manage through those sensations in a calm way.

Hypnobirthing is about giving the power back to the mother and helping her to feel confident about her choices, while feeling safe, calm, and prepared for her birth, regardless of whether she has chosen to birth in a hospital, at home, a birthing centre or even an elective caesarean.

As part of your classes, I have created a comprehensive, full colour workbook with amazing photos and diagrams and some beautiful cheat sheets, to make it easy to remember all the things that we cover in my hypnobirthing classes.

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