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Mother Blessings

A Mother Blessing Ceremony (traditionally known as a Blessingway by the Navajo Native Americans) is all about nurturing the mother-to-be and celebrating her journey into motherhood as opposed to having a “baby shower” which is focussing more on the baby.

A Mother Blessing is a fun, loving and interactive morning, afternoon or evening shared with a small group of those closest to the pregnant woman.  All those present help create a sacred and memorable time for the mother-to-be who deserves pampering, nurturing and love at this special time in her life.

This ceremony is also about helping her prepare herself for the birth: emotionally, spiritually and mentally regardless of whether it is her first pregnancy or a subsequent pregnancy.  The Mother Blessing celebrant prepares the ceremony, which is special and sacred and providing an open, protected space for those closest to the mother to honour her birth rite into Motherhood.

A Mother Blessing is a beautiful and unique way to honour the mother as the beautiful pregnant Goddess that she is with so many wonderful activities such as:

For the Mother Blessing, each guest will bring a plate of food to share and there will be much love and laughter.


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