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Diffusing essential oils during labour

There is a lot of confusion around the safe diffusing of essential oils and the use of traditional oil “burners” (vaporisers) and diffusers during labour and birth. It is not just about the smell. Essential oils are made up of chemicals – even chemicals found in nature can have adverse effects on the mind and...

Aromatherapy in Pregnancy, Labour, Birth & Postpartum Handbook

There is so much to write about Aromatherapy; however this is just a very basic overview of aromatherapy in pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period highlighting the important things to help mums and their birth partners understand how they can use essential oils confidently and safely Aromatherapy is the use of 100% pure essential...

Clary Sage – Can it be used to induce labour?

I love the smell of Clary Sage, and prior to menopause I would use clary sage when I was feeling irritable and in pain during my menstrual cycle and it would provide a lot of comfort and relief. In saying this, I always suggest women use it cautiously because it is very powerful and can...