Hypnobirthing Classes Perth

The Hypnobirthing Australia program is designed by an Australian for Australian hospital practices and procedures, which are constantly changing, and therefore we are always keeping up with those changes to give couples the very best up to date information available.

A recent study highlighted how important it was to not only participate in independent childbirth education classes but to also find a program that included complementary therapies to support normal labour and birth. It basically halved the intervention rates for births!

Hypnobirthing Australia™ ticks all those boxes and more – read more by clicking on the link….


When To Start Hypnobirthing Classes?

The best time to start classes is between 20 and 30 weeks pregnant, to allow you time to practice, but you can do the classes at any time – they are designed to support all women at all times during the pregnancy and I continue to offer support to you to ensure that you are feeling confident and positive.  We also have a resource group of midwives and other professionals that are on hand to discuss any concerns that arise, or if you require further information about something specific.

This is a total of 12 hours of childbirth education, self-hypnosis techniques and relaxation techniques that will last you a life-time, not just during pregnancy and birth.

These classes are different to the antenatal classes that you may attend at your hospital.  They are designed to teach you about the mind and body and what is happening during those contractions (surges), what your muscles are doing, why oxygen is really important during labour (just like a marathon runner), what natural methods of pain relief you can use (in addition to information about the medical pain relief available) and preparing you for a positive birth experience – no matter how your baby is born.

We talk about special circumstances and definitely don’t set you up for any unrealistic expectations – we prepare you to be prepared for anything and for any birth. We help you to feel confident about asking questions and giving your partner the confidence to support you during your labour and birth and protecting your sacred birth space.

How Much Do Hypnobirthing Classes Cost?

The group classes are $550 and the private classes in your own home (or my venue) are $995.

Payment plans can also be arranged on request.

With the private classes we can do the classes any time at your home, although I have had feedback from other participants that they have enjoyed the interaction with other pregnant couples during the group classes – it just depends on how you feel, and I am happy to work with you on either.

Once you complete your hypnobirthing classes with me you will be added to my private Facebook group to interact with other couples, receive ongoing support, coaching, information and studies that I come across, so that you can stay in touch, ask any questions or gain more confidence and support from the others.

Your Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes include:

  • Surge of the Sea Relaxation & Affirmation album
  • Rainbow Mist Relaxation album
  • Comprehensive class folder with quality handouts and diagrams
  • Visualisation tools
  • Interactive class including demonstrations and recent birth videos
  • Ongoing email and phone support until your birth!
  • Once you have completed your classes, you will be invited to join the Hypnobirthing Centre WA private Facebook group where you can share questions, ideas, concerns, challenges and achievements with all the other previous participants of my classes.
  • AND so much more!
  • View the class outline here for more information on what to expect.

I have compiled a list of positive birth stories for you to read and I have also linked one of my favourites below for you.

The Hypnobirthing classes totally changed my perception around birthing!

Here is another really good video from a recent birth of a hypnobirthing couple which is a real favourite of mine:


Where Are The Classes Located?

Our classes are located in Maylands which is a great location as it allows access for people from all over you can view our class timetable for more specifics. For example some of our students travel from Joondalup, Currambine, Clarkson, Wanneroo Fremantle, Mandurah, Perth City, Karrinyup and everywhere in between.

Hypnobirthing Classes Perth – Vicki Hobbs
Phone: (08) 9303 9111
Email: [email protected]
162 Whatley Cres,
Maylands WA

Our Refund Policy

Once you have started the classes we do not offer a refund if you miss sessions, but we make every effort to offer you alternative sessions to make up for missed sessions at no extra cost (unless you choose private sessions). Please note that our classes have restricted numbers therefore when you book we have a cut-off point for any further bookings, therefore if you decide to withdraw part way through we cannot offer that place to someone else. If you have not started the classes but then decide to withdraw, then the deposit you have paid is non-refundable.

I look forward to sharing this amazing childbirth education program with you and supporting you through your pregnancy with knowledge, encouragement and information.

My name is Vicki Hobbs and I am a Childbirth Educator (Back to Basics Birthing), Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner, Certified VBAC Educator, Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in Pregnancy Massage, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Certified Placenta Encapsulator, Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach. I am based in the northern suburbs of Perth and can be contacted by email by [email protected] or phone (08) 9303 9111.

Hypnobirthing Classes Perth