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Beware of snakes stealing the show – or possibly starting labour!

I was 38+6 on Tuesday the 7th November 2017 when our wonderful midwife Linda visited in the afternoon. The previous weekend we had held a birthday party for our not-quite four-year-old, I’d had my last day of work on Monday and I had joked that once I’d sorted out the house on Tuesday baby could...

What to expect during labour!

No two women are the same; therefore, no two births will be the same even with your own subsequent pregnancies. There is no text book that can tell you when you will go into labour, what you will experience and what the outcome will be. Independent childbirth education is about preparing you for your labour...

What is that gross stuff on your baby?

Your baby has just been born and you look down to see what you have created and to your surprise you notice your baby looks like it is covered in white zinc cream and ready for a day out at the cricket. Vernix Caseosa (vernix) is the white, cheesy substance found on the skin of...