The art of nappy changing!

Do you want to try and prevent colic and wind, therefore pain and distress in your baby?

Every time you pull babies up by their legs to change their nappy you are pulling the nerve roots that go into the intestines out of place.

These roots have a direct link to the small and large intestines and when you lift the legs up and bring the hips forward you are pulling the vertebrae backwards out of position that causes nerve interference, which stops the flow of information from the brain into the intestines.

This then causes a lot of gas in this area as the gut is not getting the right signals form the brain to process the release of this gas.

To change a baby’s nappy you need to roll them from side to side, rather than lifting them up by the legs.

This may take some getting used to as we have been conditioned to pull baby’s up by the legs and slip the nappy underneath.

Keep doing this side to side technique until they are at the crawling stage and then the alignment of the spine changes and there is room to move the vertebrae and bend more.

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