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What Are The Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage

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In our medically advanced society, massage can often be over-looked as an important part of pregnancy health care. However, this tried and tested tradition is one of the oldest forms of the healing arts and has been used for thousands of years in almost every culture.

Every pregnant woman deserves some pampering and massage is a wonderful way to reduce stress and promote general wellbeing. Massage can be received during all three trimesters of your pregnancy for both normal and high risk pregnancies.

With the exciting news that you are pregnant, your body is about to undergo stress-producing changes. Some of the consequences of these changes can leave a woman feeling sore, tired and uncomfortable. Massage is therefore a great way to relieve this discomfort through the positive effects of soft tissue manipulation.

Pregnancy Massage therapy helps the body adjust to accommodate the life growing within. It can assist in reducing stress, encourage relaxation and prepare muscles and joints for childbirth. Not only can this be a treat for you, but a much needed therapy to ease some of the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage in Perth, Hypnobirthing in Perth, doula in Perth, hypnobirthing, childbirth educator, Vicki Hobbs, doula, birth without fear,

The benefits of massage, in general, are numerous, however, more specifically for pregnancy they include:

Many of the problems that arise during pregnancy are due to muscle strain, weakness and poor posture.

Proper exercise and appropriate stretching will increase your energy, strengthen the muscles most strained during pregnancy and labour, stimulate circulation and increase flexibility in the joints.

If you would like to ease some of the pain and discomfort of pregnancy, contact me at Phoenix Therapies for more than just a massage. I will assess your posture, offer ways to help you manage your discomfort at home, and provide information and techniques for relaxation and preparation for the big day.

My number is (08) 9303 9111 and I am based in Landsdale, which is in the northern suburbs of Perth.

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