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Taking the fear out of birth…
Through education, planning and preparation!

Vicki Hobbs – Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Specialist

Birth is an incredible event – no matter how it happens.

When I first became pregnant at 27 I was that “go with the flow” and “let’s just see what happens” birth novice. Millions of women give birth every day and keep going back for more right? How hard can it be? I’ll just lay on my back, spread my legs and push a baby out like they do in the movies. No problem

Looking back now if I had known even just a fraction of what I know today then maybe I would have been a little bit more prepared for my birth that deviated big time from what I had envisaged. Due to unexpected life-threatening medical reasons my daughter was born at 32 weeks by emergency caesarean and I didn’t see her for 48 hours while we were both in special care. That birth trauma affected me for many years and weighed me down with the “black dog” of postnatal depression and guilt, which affected not only my mind but my body’s’ ability to hang onto and grow future babies.

This and other life experiences have guided me to this work, and I am one in a long line of wise and experienced women who bring calm and clarity to the birth space, so you can feel safe, supported and listened to.

I provide comprehensive childbirth education to eliminate fear so that you feel strong, confident and comfortable with your birth choices.

I educate you on the tools and techniques you can use to be calm and reduce pain during labour, allowing you to confidently navigate through your labour and birth.

I listen to what you have to say, what your fears are, what your goals are for your birth and what you feel you need to achieve that, which means that I can then start helping you to formulate your birth plan to achieve those goals.

I train your partners to be the very best support person they can be, allowing you to relax and focus on you, your body and your baby during labour and birth.

Your pregnancy and birth experience is unique to
you and this baby.

“Focus on your birth, not what the text book says.”

  • Be educated so you can make informed choices.
  • Understand and prepare for any birth, so you are confident and calm if things don’t go to plan.
  • Have a toolbox of techniques that you and your partner can use to ensure your mind, body and emotions are balanced and working in synergistic harmony, just as your body has been designed to do.
  • Celebrate your pregnancy and nurture your body with a highly qualified therapist, childbirth educator and doula.

About Vicki Hobbs

I started my own business as a remedial massage therapist in 2004 and have been working with pregnant women since 2006. The best part of my job is educating pregnant women with evidence-based resources, tools and techniques in a non-judgemental way, so you are confident and fearless during labour and birth.

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