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My VBAC was such an amazing surreal experience!

Just wanted to share my successful VBAC story.

I ended up being induced because my waters started leaking on Tuesday morning, but I wasn’t getting any surges so spoke to my midwife and she had said to stay at home as long as possible because they would keep me in once I got to hospital.

So I went to the hospital about 9pm on Tuesday and they kept me over night on the ward then said they would induce me in the morning if I still didn’t have any surges. The doctor I saw in the morning was awful, he was really pushing me to do a section but I stayed strong and said I wanted to at least try the induction first!

So they started the drip around 1.30pm and I was okay dealing with the surges. I asked to be kept mobile and the midwife was really good and got me a birthing ball and the radio and put music on, kept the lights dim and then got me the mobile monitor so I could move around more.

I went into the shower to help with the surges then ended up having an epidural at about 5cm.

The midwife sat the bed up and put the bottom of it down like I was sitting on a chair so gravity was still helping.

Soon after getting the epidural I started to feel pressure in my bum, and the midwife had told me not to top the epidural up because she wanted me to be able to feel when I needed to push.

I pushed for a little over an hour in a few different positions and then Gracie was born and put straight on my chest and bobbed her little head over and latched on straight away.

My VBAC was such an amazing surreal experience, maybe not as I originally planned, but still totally amazing and to hear the excitement in my husbands voice as he could see more of the babies head.

Then when I could see the head out and knowing one more push and then I had done it – that was such an amazing feeling.

When she came out she was totally calm, didn’t really even cry.

I think me and my husband were crying enough for her!!

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Kayleigh after her VBAC with hypnobub Gracie
Kayleigh & Lee
3rd January 2016

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