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Our boys birth….some beers….and overwhelming elation!

I just wanted to put down some words to share my experience, love and respect for Vicki, Doula Extraordinaire. What would be the day my son was born all began in the early hours of a Sunday morning. My wife woke me to tell me to go and turn the heater on in our front...

The Natural Alignment Plateau – stop blaming the cervix!

The Natural Alignment Plateau phrase was first used by Marjie Hathaway, who is an independent childbirth educator and author of several books, as well as a practitioner trainer for the Bradley Childbirth Method. She highlighted that it is not uncommon for women to get to a point in their labour where their cervix stops dilating....

Your cervix should not be on a timer

Bit of a ranty blog this one about understanding that your cervix should not be on a timer – what we need is for women to go back to basics birthing. That Friedman’s Curve from the 1950’s has a lot to answer for and is outdated and inappropriate to be used in this day and...