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active management of placenta

Birthing Your Placenta

Have you given any thought to birthing your placenta? Yes, that’s right, after your baby is born it doesn’t just stop there – the placenta needs to come out too. The placenta is an incredible organ and has been the lifeline of your baby for the duration of your pregnancy and it needs to be...

A baby born in the caul is a rare event

We have several Hypnobirthing couples who have given us permission to use their birth videos or photos in our classes for training purposes. In a discussion we had not long ago in our practitioner group we have noticed quite a few hypnobirthing babies being born “en caul” or “in the caul.” Being born en caul...

My placenta is low lying….should I be worried?

So, you have just been for your 20-week scan and your sonographer has told you that you have a low-lying placenta, and you will be monitored to see if you can birth vaginally, or you may have even been told to prepare for a caesarean. It is important NOT TO STRESS! A low-lying placenta can...