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Hypnobirthing has changed how I see birthing and really has empowered me as a woman

Well, baby no. 3 made his appearance and what an entry he made into the world thanks to Vicki Hobbs and Hypnobirthing. 

I wanted to thank you for your fear release session and to let you know how much it helped leading up to the birth and also during the intense surges. It really pulled me through.  

I had an appointment with my Obstetrician, and he told me that the baby was too big to be born naturally and that I should consider having my waters broken or opt for a C-section and blah-blah. He did a stretch and sweep and booked me in the next day to have my waters broken. At 39 weeks I walked out off that appointment sobbing and thinking I couldn’t do it. Thankfully my sister who is a midwife had a day off and talked me back around and I was feeling a lot more positive again. 

My amazing sister having cuddles with Darragh

Luckily by the time I picked my daughter up from school I was having surges!! My amazing sister came around to my house and I wish we lived in a world where every woman had as much support as I have had from my sister. Imagine how different we would all view birthing. Once she came over to support me I was able to go into the deepest meditative state. I didn’t even know I was capable of it and I never had the ability with my previous birth. 

Listening to my Hypnobirthing Australia tracks and inhaling frankincense through a tea towel I was able to stay at home until 8pm when I knew it was time to head to the hospital. In fact, I had a surge getting into car and felt the urge to push! 

The hospital staff were AMAZING! and I didn’t have enough time for an epidural (although I planned on having one thinking I couldn’t do it without one) and I birthed my baby at 9.55pm standing up. It was amazing.  

I remember looking up and my husband was staring at me with the most amazed look on his face and such pride.

What an amazing birth.

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Vicki’s Hypnobirthing classes have changed how I see birthing and really empowered me as a woman.

Vicki what you do for woman is amazing and I am very grateful that I had the privilege to not only meet you but have your support through two incredible births. 

Thank you again Vicki from the bottom of my heart and best of luck with all the babies you help bring into the world peacefully. 

Katie, 2018

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