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Hypnobirthing and Stillbirth

Decreased foetal movement, deceased, three days of being in hospital waiting for baby to come, induction, health complications, breech baby, stillbirth.

Massage, laughter, relaxation, meditation, movement, music, dancing and love.

All these experiences, actions and feelings I would never have imagined to occur in the same week as each other, but approaching birth with these positive actions, without a doubt changed our birth outcome.

While our baby girl Angel is not with us physically and we will never see, touch or feel her warm connection through what would have been her life, emotionally, I gave birth to our first and most irreplaceable daughter.

An everlasting divine being that will continue to give me strength, positivity and peace as we go through life.

Through my Hypnobirthing experience I have learnt that the physical and emotional connection is deeply intertwined during pregnancy and birth.

The outcome of Angel’s birth and every baby’s birth is unchangeable and uncertain, but the emotional reactions we feel and act from are in our control, we can change our birthing experience to be as good or bad as we wish.

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Four hypnobirthing classes with Vicki taught me:

True preparation is the key to success. Success to me means happiness on the inside.

Sure, some women just deal with what comes through pregnancy, but the problem is you don’t know what is to come. Without preparation you open yourself up to possible disappointment from losing control. Birth plans change and your birth outcome is uncertain, and while you cannot prepare for everything, the things you can take control of are your emotional health and wellbeing – which is what hypnobirthing empowered me with for the birth of our daughter Angel.

Three profound affirmations that we used in our hypnobirthing experience that I would like to share were:

– Be positive and calm

– Release and let go of all fear

– Accept the inevitable

Without participating in hypnobirthing classes with Vicki, I am certain that right now I would be in a world of emotional pain, depression, anger, resentfulness and numbness. Although I feel every one of these emotions every day, I have learnt to be in control of them, accept them and be positive.

From my experience I think that being prepared for anything, even if your worst birthing fears came true, will allow you to take control over your mind and body, so that your birthing experience has no negativity or regret.

I am six weeks post birth and while I am still grieving, I cannot wait to do it all over again. I loved my birthing experience and have no regrets because we hypnobirthed Angel.

I felt no physical or mental pain in labour, my daughters pain gave me strength. I believe the only reason I can say this is because of our hypnobirthing experience.

Thank you to Vicki Hobbs our dear friend and doula for your support, laughter, massages and storytelling.

You helped us have a happy birth and we now believe in ourselves more than we could ever imagine.

Hypnobirthing in Perth, doula in Perth, hypnobirthing, childbirth educator, Vicki Hobbs, doula, birth without fear, natural birth, pregnancy massage in Perth, stillborn, stillbirth

Love Laura, Shane and Angel xx
October 2016

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