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On Good Friday I gave birth to a beautiful little boy!

I went into labour at 4am on 25th Of March 2016.

I was in bed fast asleep and suddenly felt like I was peeing myself so I tried to hold it in, which just didn’t work.

I slowly moved out of bed and it trickled down my legs.

I was too embarrassed to wake my partner Adam at this stage so I just stood there for a moment, then walked across my bedroom and BOOM!

Once I checked in with my body I knew exactly what was happening.

I finally woke Adam up and he was so excited.

We called my dad to come and look after our eldest son Amaro.

At this stage my emotions were everywhere!

I was only told the day before at my last checkup that it would be a safer option if I was induced to have baby early, because in my notes from my previous hospital it said that my baby’s head was measuring large.

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To give you a quick run down I was diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes. My preference was to have my second baby at the Family Birthing Centre like I had done with my first, however my BMI was slightly over so I wasn’t eligible to birth there. My second option was the new hospital located close to me, which also did water births.

At my antenatal appointments there I was then diagnosed with gestational diabetes, but my numbers were borderline.

My first pregnancy and birth had been perfect. Everything ran so smoothly and I had a quick, natural labour and an amazing water birth. I was very upset with this diagnosis and felt like a complete failure, which led to feelings of depression, but I stuck to the food options they told me about. I increased my water intake and was doing my testing and all my results were coming up terrific as if I didn’t have gestational diabetes.

I had 2 days in a row where my fasting levels were up by 2-3 points because I didn’t snack in the evening, but the Obstetrician decided that I needed to go on insulin, which meant stabbing myself in the gut before bed every night. Negative emotions come up again because it’s one thing to be told you have GD and another to need insulin. I felt horrible and I would go home and lock myself in my room and cry because of the embarrassment.

During this time my partner Adam was the most caring, attentive and supportive person and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner!

I was having such a hard time…

I then started attending hypnobirthing classes once a week with Vicki, and it felt amazing to just release and let go – I felt so comfortable in the classes.

I was then told by my Obstetrician that I wouldn’t be able to have a natural birth and there was a big chance that I would need a c-section or to be induced. I was told that during my labour I would need to have 3 doctors and 2 midwives in the room and definitely no water birth as I was now considered “High Risk.”

After speaking to Vicki and doing some of my own research I decided not to go back to this hospital and I felt it was better for me to go to King Edward Memorial Hospital in Subiaco and it was the best decision I had ever made!

I really enjoyed my first appointment at KEMH and they questioned why I was on insulin and that my numbers were excellent. They were confused because my tests where normal, so they decided to take me off insulin and just stick to the eating plan. Baby was healthy and they told me there was nothing to worry about at all.

At my last appointment at 38 weeks I was told that they checked my scans and the other hospital had put in my notes (but hadn’t told me) that my baby’s head was estimating to be on the bigger side and it would be the safer option to be induced because there are increased risks of delivering naturally.

This time I was more positive and arranged the date to be induced, which was the week later.

On the way home I was talking to my baby and praying that he would choose what would be best for his arrival and sure enough he did.

So at 4:30am my membranes released while I was doing last minute packing. I was told to go to hospital as soon as I could because my first labour was so quick (3hours in total).

We were in the car and as we got closer to the hospital my surges became more intense but I was using my breathing techniques and calmed myself down. We got to hospital about 20 minutes later and after a vaginal exam found I was already 6cms dilated. I chose to walk to the labour and delivery suite from the assessment room but as I was walking I suddenly needed to start bearing down straight away.

I got to birth in the shower standing up  (I never thought I would have ended up in that position). I had gas when the surges were really intense and Vicki who was also my doula was putting counter-pressure on my back.

I had 2 really supportive midwives while I birthed, as well as my husband Adam and my doula Vicki – there were no doctors around or needed.

At 8:30am on Good Friday I gave birth to a beautiful little boy who we named Angelo Da Mota. He weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces and was 51cm long.

Boy….. it was not only a Good Friday but a bloody awesome one 🙂

Stevie & Adam,
Perth, Western Australia

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