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Yes ….Back to Basics Birthing ticks all the boxes

A ground-breaking Australian study on effective childbirth education was recently released by Dr. Kate Levett and Dr. Hannah Dahlen (who were also key-note speakers at our annual conference). This study highlighted how important it was to not only participate in independent childbirth education classes but to also find a program that included complementary therapies to support normal labour and birth. It basically halved the intervention rates for births!

I am very proud to say that the Back to Basics Birthing program ticks ALL the boxes when it comes to providing an effective, evidence-based childbirth education course which also incorporates all of the complementary studies highlighted in the study.


I am a birth nerd, so I’m constantly looking at the latest information and research to ensure the information I provide is accurate for Australian healthcare systems.

So, let’s take a look at the areas highlighted in the study and how the Back to Basics Birthing program covers all of these key areas plus more!

Relaxation techniques

I incorporate hypnosis and meditation techniques to provide relaxation, keeping in mind that with self-hypnosis you are actually in a heightened state of awareness. You do not disassociate from your body, in fact you become more aware of your body, and all of your senses become acute and sensitive – you can hear clearer, (so that is why we ask people not to have conversations around you because they can be distracting). Strong smells like essential oils or perfumes can be distracting and make a mum feel too high or nauseas. Your skin becomes highly sensitive to touch and may respond really well to massage for relaxation and to release endorphins (your pain-relieving hormones). Through self-hypnosis you learn techniques to release fear, tension and pain. I focus on fear release techniques, because at the end of the day if a woman is experiencing fear, then she is releasing her “fight or flight” hormones, creating tension in the body, which ultimately creates more pain…..and this enhances that Fear-Tension-Pain cycle. With self-hypnosis you can feel your baby moving down and you surrender to all these sensations rather than fearing them and you let go of control and go with your instincts, your breath and your body. You “zone in” rather than “zoning out” which is a common misconception about hypnobirthing or hypnosis for birth.

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This is one of the most important components in my program, as without the proper breathing techniques you are not getting enough oxygen to the all-important uterine muscles or your baby and creating tension in the body. Breathing is divided into 3 separate breathing techniques – flow breathing, progress breathing and birth breathing – and the way to practice your birth breathing at home gives you that “aha moment” where you understand and feel the opening of the sphincters.


This can be used for relaxation, labour, birth and the postpartum period. Although acupressure is very good for helping a mother to feel calm and relaxed – it can’t make you go into labour unless your body is ready, and this is very important for couples to recognise. It provides a labour focus, which means it can increase whatever is already going on in the body, rather than giving couples a false expectation that using acupressure can induce labour. The mother and partner are given access to additional information about using acupressure techniques to promote relaxation, pain relief and balance in the body and to help facilitate stronger surges during labour.


Visualisation is one of the most powerful techniques during labour and birth, yet it is one of the most underutilised techniques, so I hope to change that. Visualisation is used all through pregnancy, birth and afterwards. Some of the visualisations are literal (like the muscles of our uterus working or imagining ourselves in a beautiful place in nature) and some are more abstract. I also include a fun project where couples create their positive affirmation posters and vision boards for birth. We know that imagery is so powerful for that mind / body connection, and I will demonstrate this through activities during the sessions so you will feel and understand how the mind controls the body like a robot.


This is one of my favourite parts of the program because I am a Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in pregnancy and labour focus massage, so I love being able to demonstrate this in class and get the couples up and practicing on each other and this too is part of their homework to practice on a regular basis. We focus on light touch massage because this is beneficial to help women become relaxed and calm and release endorphins. I also demonstrate counter pressure through the sacrum and the hip squeeze to open the pelvis and release tension through the joints and ligaments of the pelvis.

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Yoga techniques

Although I am not a yoga instructor, this part of the study is demonstrated through the active labour and birthing positions I provide, along with relaxation positions, movement, stretching and safety during movement. I also provide information about Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) and active labour and birthing positions to use to encourage baby into the best position possible. This also includes how to use a rebozo to create space if baby is not in an ideal position such as posterior, where labour may be prolonged or create more pressure through the back. I don’t believe that having a posterior baby means this will be a “bad or negative experience” for the mother – this is just a variation of normal. I’ve had many mums birth their babies “sunny side up” and so this is just another way of birthing your baby – it is about finding the position that best works and is the most comfortable for you. I will teach you positions, movements and techniques such as the “belly lift” to help you feel more comfortable, while using the force of gravity to draw baby down and ease pressure and discomfort.

Partner support

Your partner is involved in classes and practice because they have a significant role in supporting you in a useful way. If the partner is feeling stressed or anxious then that energy is going to be transferred to the birthing mother – and that is the last thing she needs during labour. The partners go away with easy-to-follow “cheat sheets” that I have created that they can use on the day to remind them what they have learnt in my classes.

I have never had a partner who still felt they didn’t know what they would be doing during labour and birth. My classes provide the birthing mother and partner with enough knowledge, confidence and power to positively approach their birth.

That is what independent childbirth education is all about – giving the couple the knowledge so they have the power to ask questions and make choices for their birth, and to have tools and techniques to feel positive and calm no matter how their baby is born.

But there is so much more included in the sessions to help you have a really good understanding of what to expect, what questions to ask and be prepared for whatever turn your birthing takes.

Stages of labour

I break this down for you in a really simple and easy terms and highlight what your hormones are doing and the effects this will have on your body and why. I share what signs to look for, how to know when to go to the hospital or call the midwife, and also include medical procedures such as vaginal exams, what happens when you arrive at hospital and red flags where you need to contact your medical team urgently such as early release of membranes, bleeding, swelling, spotted or blurry vision or unusual pain.

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Medical inductions versus natural induction methods

I give you an overview of the different medical induction procedures, their effectiveness, the risks and benefits and an explanation of the cascade of interventions. I also provide you with some common natural induction methods but are very cautious in encouraging women to try and bring on labour before baby is ready and the reasons why.

Medical Assistance

Back to Basics Birthing is not focussed on “natural birth at all costs.” My program does not set women up with unrealistic expectations – because I know that all women are unique! We cannot all be cut from the same cloth so we can’t all expect to have a natural, pain free birth, although many who participate in my program actually do and the “birth stories” written by the parents are testament to that. However, special circumstances do arise, and the Back to Basics Birthing program is about being able to ask all the right questions and making choices based on your own set of circumstances. I also have positive birth stories from couples who have had medical inductions, epidurals and caesareans who have used their new skills to remain positive and calm.

So much more is included such as your rights around consent, delayed cord clamping, your choices in the birth of your placenta, skin to skin contact, bonding, breastfeeding and the immediate postpartum period.

My program is all about being prepared, educated and confident.


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It is now obvious from the research, that independent childbirth education which covers all of the above areas is the platinum standard in childbirth education and antenatal classes…..and my Back to Basics Birthing program ticks all the boxes!

This is why I love what I do so much, and I am determined to share this with as many couples as I possibly can, because your birth experience does affect your postpartum and bonding experiences and your subsequent births as well – I know this from firsthand experience, but that’s a whole new blog article.

When you love something so much you create a following of like-minded people who share their knowledge, experience and resources, and I absorb all that positive energy, which is then reflected in my classes.

I believe strongly that every woman and her partner should undertake independent childbirth education.

If you would like to know more about my classes I run in Maylands, reach out. You will see for yourself how much I love sharing this, and you will know that you will definitely receive value for money when you do my classes.

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